Thursday, September 1, 2011

the Walk to Cure Diabetes

My granddaughter, Isabel, is a Type One Diabetic.  I will be participating in the Walk to Cure Diabetes on September 18th.  I would love if you could donate to this worthy cause!  Just go to My Page and click the DONATE TO TRUDY button.

God prepared Isabel for this trial, but when the diagnosis came, we thought she would have a terrible time.  You see, Isabel loves all kinds of food.  There is hardly a vegtable, fruit, pasta, bread, meat, or dessert out there that doesn't have her name on it.

We thought this would be a bad thing, but it was all wonderfully & divinely planned.  Soon after she was diagnosed, we attended a potluck luncheon.  All the other kids were piling their plates high with potatoe chips, but just 3 chips - yes I said THREE! - would have used up all of her allowed carbs for that meal.  So, she shrugged her shoulders and said "how many carrots could I have?".  It was one of the first examples to us how God had prepared her heart, and her tastebuds, for what she was to face.

Her blood sugars continually climb and plummet.  Now she has a pump which monitors her, and gives her insulin - but often she needs manual attention.  Just last night, she had to get more insulin becuase she was very sick, her blood sugars were real high.

God also prepared her another way - by making her very sensitive to her body.  She usually knows (even before it can register on the monitor), if she is spiking or dropping.

Not all Diabetics are that lucky.  Some don't know (or can't respond) if their blood sugars get all wacky.  Without timely proper intervention, these people could quickly begin to damage their liver or slip into a coma or die.  That is why this Walk is so important - it is someone's life we are talking about.  Please take a moment to view MY PAGE and donate to save a life.  Thank you.

By the time all the money was turned in, I had raised $145 - thanks everyone!