Friday, September 30, 2011

Leah Day has announced the Transformation Challenge Winners

Today Leah showed all the winning quilts.  They are all so beautiful, check them out!

You may have noticed that my Diana's Transformation (aka My Daughter) is NOT on the winners list.  Though I must confess I was hoping, I am not terribly disappointed.

By not being a winner, I get my quilt back!  I had been missing it.  I spent alot of time planning it and creating it.  So, it will be good to be back home with me.

Also, consolation prize includes a professional photo, and her new book!  How cool!

In case you want to see all the finalists, check this out:

Looking at the quilts that won, I see a color and theme (all nature-y) going on.  Leah says "It came down to arranging the final quilt and finding this perfect layout, in which each piece compliments another" and I see how they do all blend quite well.

If you look at the winning quilts, and into the empty spot in the center patch Leah's quilt she made when she announced the contest - you will see one really cool quilt in the making!  And you will see how my quilt was "odd man out".  I can't wait to see the final quilt!
I am hoping that Leah will include some critic with the quilt, to help know what did or did not work.  I would love input to help improve my quilting.

Well, this deadline has passed, now it is time to tackle the next "challenge".  Hint: it has something to do with a wedding tomorrow (and unfortunately, a project that won't be done in time, but one that I think will be really cool!).

Also, I am planning to work full force on my book "Cut Work Portraits and Other Art Quilts".  My goal is to get it done by month end, or very soon thereafter.  We will see...