A Few Ideas

Here are some ramblings of things I want to do.

Individual face quilts of each grandchild, similar to my Transformation Challenge quilt.

Seasons of a woman.  This quilt has evolved in my mind, and I wander all over taking photos of interesting trees and their bark.  I think it is about designed in my mind, and I have the "how to" almost figured out - I think.

My One Couch Quilt, based on the Christmas card, applique and piecing in a fun wall hanging.

Childhood Memories, done in style similar to Mary Lour Wiedman.  Featuring moments from our childhood, so we remember the good times and the stories that became legendary in our family.

Isabel, a mosaic quilt with Tammy Bowser's program.  Based on a pic taken while Mommy was in the hospital with Emy.

My family, a quilt done as a thread portrait (similar to Marie Elkins "Redeeming Fragments" quilt), featuring my entire family!  Ugh - is that nuts???