Friday, June 1, 2012

Update on the Cut Work Portrait Book!

I have been frantically working on the rest of the quilts, and the text for the book!

I am slowly resolving the software issues (I think).  And will soon turn it over to my two editors for help with grammar, etc.

I think I will have 13 patterns included in the book.  You can see most of those on the Cut Work Portrait Book page.

I am playing with the idea of offering 1 or 2 free patterns as a thank you for all who pre-order (once I get the book done, and know what the cost will be and have it set up so people CAN order).  What do you think about that?  What subjects, holidays, topics would be a good thank you pattern?

And can you think of something to name the pattern section of the book?  It is an editing issue, in that one chapter is named Pattern - as in creating it - and so I don't want the chapter with the free 13 patterns to be called the same thing!  Silly, huh?  I had thought of Gallery, but that usually means just pictures.  My husband suggested Samples, which is sort of right, but still doesn't seem to say it all.  Hmmmmmmmm........................

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