My Project Gallery

Here are a few things I have done.  Stay tuned for more info and pics.

This is Ethan's PB&J quilt - pattern coming soon!  I enlisted the help of every church member to help me tell Ethan that he would be prayed for while in Bible College.  My daughter and I took photos of everyone praying (for him and the other Bible College students).  I then turned the photos into a sketch of sorts and printed it with my faborite techinque - cyanotype.  The first real quilt I made was Bargello, and I have loved it ever since, so decided to use Jelly Rolls to make a scrappy quick quilt.  As I was thinking of a name for the quilt, I realized I had Jelly Rolls, Bargello and Prayers - rearrange that for PB&J!

This is Amber's PB&J quilt, a smaller version of Ethan's quilt.  I did a 3rd quilt for Amanda, using the same fabrics as on Amber's quilt.
Here is a close up of one of the cyanotype blocks - it features Brenda & Tim - Ethan's parents, and practically adopted family of Amber.  I love this block.

This was a fun little quilt, made for my Mother, who is obsessed with Smiley Faces.  I titled it "Not Always So Smiley".  It was alot of fun to do.

This was my entry in the Leah Day Transformation Challenge 2011.  It placed as a finalist - you can read more about the creation of this quilt here in my blog.

This is the Butterfly Prayers quilt, made for my best friend from church.  This dear lady let me borrow it for our UNL Employee Quilt Show last year, and I fell in love with it all over again.  A book will be coming, based on this quilt, so that YOU can make your own Butterfly Prayers quilt for your friends.

This was the first Cut Work Portrait quilt I made.  At that time I called it Stained Glass Portraits.  As you can tell, this is Ethan - the owner of the PB&J quilt.

I made this Cut Work Portrait of my granddaughter, Emy, to create a tute on the process.  The request to make this tute, was in response to the quilts below.  Later this quilt is used as the main "how to" instructions in my book "Cut Work Portraits & Other Art Quilts".

A sympathy quilt of Paul, a friend, one given to his wife, one to his daughter (who took the original pic) and one to his mother.

This was made for a preacher who always comes to do our Revival at church each year.  It was just some Get Well Wishes for a recent surgery, and a We Appreciate and Love You.
This is one real quilt block, sketched up into an entire quilt.  I made this 60" square quilt for a friend.

Same block as above, just turned around.  The pattern will be coming soon!
This is the wedding quilt - Heart Strings that I will be writing up complete instructions for soon! I can show it now that it has been given to the happy couple!

This is Doris, also a sympathy quilt - given to her son.