Friday, March 30, 2012

Quilt Pattern Magazine

Have you ever opened your email, and just been thrilled and excited to see a subject line, that tells you “I REALLY gotta find time to read this!”?

Every time I receive the Quilt Pattern Magazine newsletter email – it is hard to keep working!

Their newsletter and magazine are always so full of great info that inspires and informs. This is evident not only in the pages of their magazine, but in the Gallery of projects made from their patterns (Jane, I really, really like your earth tones Big Block Star, by the way – that is definitely on my TO DO list).

Their web site also has some great tutorials of basic info. Just last night I was talking to my granddaughter, Isabel, and promised to teach her English Paper Piecing. She loves to hand sew, and does really well, so I thought maybe some Grandmothers Flower Garden blocks would be a good start. I remembered that they had a tutorial for that, so printed it out – we are now ready to begin our lessons next week.

Besides all that, QPM has something that not all magazines can say – they truly are committed to not only sharing info, but to doing it the green way. I appreciate that their magazine is online – it makes it easily available to most everyone, while not stuffing our landfills!

Each month the magazine can be downloaded and then reviewed and printed anytime you want! I know my quilting space is very limited, and if I can get my inspiration on a computer, instead of on the bookshelf – it is helpful – that leaves more space for more fabric! Shopping, anyone? LOL

They also have a quilting chat area they call their quilting family – Pattern Pastiche! You gotta love this little quilting family. Don’t we all love to learn new things, and then share what we make? Or maybe have somewhere to ask questions when we don’t understand a technique.

And finally, one area that they excel at – is their respect of quilt designers!

Have you ever had an idea (or read one), and thought it was just the next best thing since sliced bread? Or should I say, since Rotary Cutters?

If you read submission forms for other magazines, you really get the idea that what you submit, will look next to nothing like what they print.

QPM is dedicated to not only promoting their own ideas, but ensuring that designers’ techniques and patterns reach the subscribers and still have that original inspiration and plan behind it.

They are currently proving this dedication to designers with a promotion for advertising. And I would like to personally thank them for that opportunity. It is splendid to work with a company who not only has high ideals, but actively implements it.