Saturday, July 6, 2013

the book!

The Cut Work Portraits and Other Art Quilts book is in the editing stage!  I have handed it off to a friend to check my grammar, etc.  It ended up as 55 pages of detailed info how to & a dozen patterns, plus 11 sub patterns and each pattern has quilting options, suggested embellishments or a small tute to make that quilt even more special, using techniques that you can use on any project, not just the Cut Work Portraits!

See the Cut work Portraits book page to see the patterns included in the book.  Or look at the Cut Work Portraits blog for more details and to sign up to be notified when the book is published.  For those who pre-order (I will tell you when you can do that, don’t try just yet) I will add another 5 patterns - free!  I will use this blog for all my business transactions.

Since the Cut Work Portraits blog is for business, I will put the free pattern for the Heart Strings quilt on there too, instead of here on the OneCouchQuilts blog as originally planned.

I have already started working on what I am going to call the Butterfly Prayers and Other Comfort Quilts book.  It will feature a quilt similar to the one I made for Mrs. Hall and the PB&J quilts made for the Bible College students a couple years ago.  There will also be the current quilt I am working on for my youngest nephew who also is a Bible College student – Heavenly Prayers and a quilt still rattling around in my head that will be a manly quilt with the same feel as Butterfly Prayers, but without the butterflies!  :-) Why are men so difficult to make quilts for??!

And the next thing I am working on in conjunction with the Butterfly Prayers and Other Comfort Quilts book, is a line of fabrics through Spoonflower!  Wow, that is a new thing for me.  Sounds fun though, huh?