Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cut Work Portraits & Other Art Quilts - my first book

I am working on my first book: "Cut Work Portraits & Other Art Quilts"!

The buzz has really been exciting on the Quilting Board.  So many great suggestions, some of which I have taken, and some I have decided against.

I have a good portion of the book written, and pics for the "how to" chapters.

I am working on gathering pics to create some generic patterns, that would appeal to a wide audience.

Several board members that have published, have offered some great advise.  Also, today Dan ordered a book for me that I had checked out from the library and found very helpful.  AND recently Leah Day talked about self-publishing - so it seems to be all coming very slowly together!  EEK!

You can see a couple of examples of the Cut Work quilts on my Projects Gallery page.