Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting caught up - finally! (hopefully)

Wow, things have been crazy! First, was the UNL Employee Quilt Show. It started because someone in my office has headed up the UNL Staff Art Show for several years, and last year she was approached by a few people about including quilts. So, she talked to me, and helped me branch off from there!

Below are a few pics from the UNL Employee Quilt Show (1st annual), and a link to the write up in the UNL employee newspaper, the Scarlet!  Scarlet article

As the article says, we hung for 2 weeks at the Rotunda Gallery on city campus, then moved to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.

Here we are at the Rotunda Gallery

If you click the last pic above, you can see a little better, that machine by the window.  I call it my Dumpster Dive, and will have to devote one entire post on that!

Here I am with my quilts at the Rotunda. Oh, and thanks to Mom and Brenda for the beautiful rose corsage to wear to our Opening Day Reception!

I will write another day about these quilts.

Here we are at the Quilt Center
International Quilt Study Center & Museum

I can't seem to find a closer pic of my 2 quilts at the IQSC, see them on the left?

Oh, and while our quilts were hanging there, guess who visited, and put a pic on her blog that just happened to show our quilts hanging in the window? Quincie! Maureen Ose, Communications Coordinator, posted to the Quilt Center’s Fans page on FaceBook: You will get a chuckle out of Quilters Newsletter magazine's new mascot as she has her first tour at the IQSC. We understand she LOVED the quilts! Check it out: Quilters Newsletter Magazine, Quincies blog
By the way, do you see my Butterfly Prayers (Decade of Love is sort of in the shadows to the left)?

I have not had much chance to work on the One Couch Quilt, but it is my goal to have it done in time to include it in next year’s UNL Employee Quilt Show in March (the first show was so successful, we decided it had to be an annual thing). This year there was just a billion things to decide and do for the show, but I think next year should be a lot less stressful and quicker and easier to put together, since we have survived one year, and made lots of guidelines of how it needs done, and we found out what worked and what didn’t.

One quilt I wanted to do, to include in the UNL Employee Quilt Show this year, was one for my nephew, Ethan, for his graduation. I did finish it in time to include it in the show, and to have it hang at his reception following the graduation ceremony. Thank you, Lord!

Last year I had made three church girls quilts using clip art as the base of the design, and customizing it with their hair styles. It was a lot of fun, but didn’t look like them.

This year I based the design of Ethan’s quilt on a photo that my daughter (Diana of Peters Photography) had taken not long ago. He was leaning out the window of his car. Well, swap out the car for a diploma, add a mortar board and – waalah! Is that how you spell that (SpellCheck is completely useless in these situations, ever notice that)????

Here is the original photo, and above is the finished quilt (in the Rotunda pics). The tassle is attached afterwards, and swings freely.

Next year there are 5 seniors at church, so I have already started working on their quilts, again borrowing from photos Diana has or will be taking. It is so nice to have a professional photographer that does fantastic, unique and creative work, and is willing to allow me to adapt the photos for my quilts! Thanks, Diana, Mom loves you!

I cannot post pics of what I am working on as the seniors don’t know I am doing this for them. I will show you all later, check back in late May or so. Shhhhh – don’t tell!

How I design the quilts, is so fun, I love doing it. Hmm, maybe I should offer to make this for people as a business – would you buy one of my stained glass technique grad quilt patterns? I could sell patterns I have already made as generic quilts, and offer to custom make a pattern too!

Another technique that I love is cyanotype printing on fabric. I had 2 quilts in the UNL Employee Quilt Show that used this technique, and once that show was all done, they went to the Lincoln Quilters Guild Show (that was a solid 28 days my quilts hung).

At the show a quiltist saw my quilts, and asked if I would teach a class on cyanotype to her local quilt guild. While trying to decide what to do for the class, I contacted my fabric supplier with some questions on new products. This led to a couple emails back and forth, and I ended up showing the company (Blue Prints on Fabric) my quilts using their fabrics, and was asked if I would allow my quilts on their web site, and they would be happy to link to MY web site (which all I have is this blog, so that is why I am catching it up to date).

For the class, I am thinking of making a pattern that we can print to learn the technique, then the printed fabric can be used to make a final project. I have already started on the pattern, and think it will be great fun! The finished print will create sort of a fabric panel, with pieces to cut out and reassemble to create the final project (hint: stuffed animal). It will be customizable by the quilter.

This got me thinking of people who would not have the means to print their own, or someone who is afraid to
try it. Maybe I should print some fabric, and sell it as a panel? Hmmm.

And while working on this first pattern for the class, I came up with a quilt top pattern that will utilize the cyanotype technique but also be a pattern that others can use, who do not want the cyanotype (but, gracious, why not use the funniest technique around???). I will let you in on a secret, the name of this quilt top is a child’s favorite lunch!

More to come later when the pattern is done and ready to sell!

Well, this is quite a lot for one day. I best get busy making my patterns, so I will be ready when all the orders start rolling in, huh? Ha, ha.

Let’s see, that was several grad quilts-cutomized for each grad, a stuffed animal to print and sew, and a quilt top that will make kids drool when the hear the name, and pre-printed cyanotype fabrics……………. Wow, back to work, indeed! Have a great day, ya’ll!