Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cut Work Portraits & Other Art Quilts - my first book

I am working on my first book: "Cut Work Portraits & Other Art Quilts"!

The buzz has really been exciting on the Quilting Board.  So many great suggestions, some of which I have taken, and some I have decided against.

I have a good portion of the book written, and pics for the "how to" chapters.

I am working on gathering pics to create some generic patterns, that would appeal to a wide audience.

Several board members that have published, have offered some great advise.  Also, today Dan ordered a book for me that I had checked out from the library and found very helpful.  AND recently Leah Day talked about self-publishing - so it seems to be all coming very slowly together!  EEK!

You can see a couple of examples of the Cut Work quilts on my Projects Gallery page.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I am a finalist!

I received an email from Leah Day - that says my quilt made the finalist list!

Check out the 13 other great quilts who made the cut:


We will find out on September 30th who the 8 winners are.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Transformation Challenge Quilt - deadline is now past...

Sunday has now come and gone – so, did I get it done??? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo, hoo!

I worked and went to church 23 hours this weekend, had to reprint the borders and label, then change the colors of the fabric (2 step process), and rush to JoAnns to buy a different color thread, as the one planned for the skin, basically disappeared on the fabric. Uggh!!

Last night Diana and Ramon took pics of the quilt, and we mailed it off – with 34 minutes to spare – plenty of time! Ha, ha.

Anyway, drum roll please………………… Here is my entry: “My Daughter”

Leah will notify the finalists on August 22nd – wish me luck!