Saturday, July 6, 2013

the book!

The Cut Work Portraits and Other Art Quilts book is in the editing stage!  I have handed it off to a friend to check my grammar, etc.  It ended up as 55 pages of detailed info how to & a dozen patterns, plus 11 sub patterns and each pattern has quilting options, suggested embellishments or a small tute to make that quilt even more special, using techniques that you can use on any project, not just the Cut Work Portraits!

See the Cut work Portraits book page to see the patterns included in the book.  Or look at the Cut Work Portraits blog for more details and to sign up to be notified when the book is published.  For those who pre-order (I will tell you when you can do that, don’t try just yet) I will add another 5 patterns - free!  I will use this blog for all my business transactions.

Since the Cut Work Portraits blog is for business, I will put the free pattern for the Heart Strings quilt on there too, instead of here on the OneCouchQuilts blog as originally planned.

I have already started working on what I am going to call the Butterfly Prayers and Other Comfort Quilts book.  It will feature a quilt similar to the one I made for Mrs. Hall and the PB&J quilts made for the Bible College students a couple years ago.  There will also be the current quilt I am working on for my youngest nephew who also is a Bible College student – Heavenly Prayers and a quilt still rattling around in my head that will be a manly quilt with the same feel as Butterfly Prayers, but without the butterflies!  :-) Why are men so difficult to make quilts for??!

And the next thing I am working on in conjunction with the Butterfly Prayers and Other Comfort Quilts book, is a line of fabrics through Spoonflower!  Wow, that is a new thing for me.  Sounds fun though, huh?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cut Work Portraits book

I have all the pages done for the "how to" part of the book. 
I have all the pattens created and ready to insert into the book.
I have over half the pattern additionals are done.

With each pattern, I am trying to write some extra tip, add an extra little coordinating pattern, and suggest (& give) some quilting design.  I admit this is quite the little challenge I have set myself!

My goal is to get the book done in the next couple weeks, and off to the printer!  It is looking so pretty!

I wanted to make it all really big font, so it was easy to read.  But, there is so much info in there, that I had to reduce the font to kind of normal size.  If I had left it at a large size font, the book would have been quite pricey, or I would have needed to remove alot of info - neither seemed acceptable.

I think I may offer an E-book in a larger print size.  I have to check into the cost of the E-book.

If you would like to keep track of the book's publishing date, please become a follower.

Or, wait til next week, my blog specifically for Cut Work Portraits should be finished by then.  You can submit your email address for updates on that site.

Here it is:

The Cut Work Portraits blog header

You can see a few of the patterns, I will work hard in the next couple days to get this site completely updated, showing all the patterns, and mentioning the extras in the pattern section of the book.

Oh, this is exciting!

Quilt Nebraska

As I said earlier, I have been invited to teach at QuiltNebraska in July.

This is an annual event that the State Quilting Guild hosts.  It is a full weekend of lectures, workshops, competitions and show.  And I am so honored to be asked to teach!

They want me to teach a class using my favorite fabric printing techinque - cyanotype!

I pray that at least 8 people sign up, so they don't cancel the class!

If you are interested in attending QuiltNebraska, you can see the web site here:  or check out the Nebraska State Quilt Guild here:

The cyanotype class I will be teaching will provide students with the basics of how to, then a few extra steps for changing the colors of the fabric, and changing only partially.  We also will discuss what to do in bad weather and how to care for the fabric after it is printed.

Each student will recieve several squares of fabric to play with as part of their class fee cost.

Trusting the Lord & His answer

Uggh!!! What a year this has been!  (I am talking about the last time I made an update to the book status).

First, I need to give you a little background.

I had many requests to write a book about my Cut Work Portraits technique.  So, I began writing - then ran into lots of life issues, and major software problems!

Also, there never seemed to be time to "get it done".  I was working 2 jobs, and never seemed to have a moment to myself.

In November, the Lord blessed me with the loss of my part time job.  It was sort of a political thing, but I know it was really a God thing.  My job involved watching the public, and every day it became more apparent that people have forgotten what PUBLIC means and what PRIVATE means, and they constantly showed more and more of their PRIVATE behaviors and body parts in PUBLIC areas! 

Being a Christian, this was really starting to wear on me, so when they told me I was fired, I wasn't too upset!  I knew God would take care.

For a couple months my hubby and I prayed about it, and I applied for several jobs.  But, nothing came about.

Then, last month, we had Missions Conference at church, and I was allowed to attend every night, without having to rearrange my evening work schedule!  It was so very nice!

Of course, we knew the Missions Conference was coming up, and had been praying for weeks what the Lord would want us to do.  And just as the Conference started - we got an answer.  Not just the dollar amount to give each week to missions, but what to do about my job situation.  The answer was "trust the Lord".

Dan and I had already cut back in every way we could on the home budget.  We also refinanced the house, saving us alot each month.  But, we were still short on the amount to make up for the job loss.

Then God said "trust me" - so we are!  We determined to trust the Lord to make up the difference and give us the incrase for our missions giving too.  We began to pray He would supply our extra income.

Two days later, I talked with a very knowledgable software specialist, and she spent a couple hours showing me how to solve my software issues.  And that same day I got an email asking me to be a Teacher at QuiltNebraska this summer!  Praise the Lord for quickly answered prayers.  True, neither answer has YET brought in any extra income.  But, He has given us assurance that He has ways of supplying.

I will do a couple separate posts about the book update, and about QuiltNebraska.  But, for now, I am sailing right along!