Monday, November 7, 2011

Cut Work Portrait book & free pattern progress

Cut Work Portraits and Other Art Quilts book:
I have been writing every spare moment.  It is amazing how many things need explained.  I don't want a book that assumes the quilter knows what I am talking about, and so is not helpful.  So, the book has lots of pics each step of the way, and lots of explaining why things are done as they are in the process.

I hope to get all the photos/patterns to the testers soon.  I am still hoping to get the book published in time for Christmas gifts.

I have thought of doing a free pattern, if the book is pre-ordered.  Wonder how well that would be recieved?  Hmmm....

Free pattern
I have been working on a quilt as a belated wedding gift.  It is a scrappy string quilt that I am calling HEART STRINGS.  Without giving away the surprise center that I mention on my Free and Fun page, I want to say.. it is so cool!

The center panel allows our extreme creative side to shine.  It utilizes some trapunto, echo quilting, Cut Work Portraits techniques and was just so fun to do!

In the free area will be only the quilt pattern itself.  Of course, a quilter may use any quilting they want on the free pattern. 

However, I have designed brand new quilting stitches for each area of the quilt! The quilting stitches are HEART FEATHERS, FLOWERED HEARTS, HEART SPIRAL, HEARTS TIED & HEARTS A FLUTTER. I will offer the quilting stitches only once the pattern goes on sale.