Thursday, July 23, 2009

It all started with a Christmas card.........

The summer of 2008 saw my daughter, Diana (a professional photographer - combing second hand stores for the perfect couch to set down in the middle of a field, out in the country, to take the annual picture for the Christmas card she would send to clients, friends and family.

When December finally came, and I could see the pictures and the card, I knew I had to make a quilt!

The “pattern” rumbled around in my mind for 6 months, ever evolving and growing.

I knew that the title of the quilt had to express the fun the kids have together and cause an interaction with the viewer. The title came almost instantly. Being in the form of a question, I had to try to find the answers!

The many techniques used expanded my experiences and challenged my imagination.

My friend, Deanna, created the mold for the title’s buttons, and was a very big encouragement to me as she is an artist herself (see her web site at: While working on her web site, I told her my ideas, and she suggested I work towards publishing some of my patterns.

So, this blog is the beginning of putting things together.