Monday, March 18, 2013

Quilt Nebraska

As I said earlier, I have been invited to teach at QuiltNebraska in July.

This is an annual event that the State Quilting Guild hosts.  It is a full weekend of lectures, workshops, competitions and show.  And I am so honored to be asked to teach!

They want me to teach a class using my favorite fabric printing techinque - cyanotype!

I pray that at least 8 people sign up, so they don't cancel the class!

If you are interested in attending QuiltNebraska, you can see the web site here:  or check out the Nebraska State Quilt Guild here:

The cyanotype class I will be teaching will provide students with the basics of how to, then a few extra steps for changing the colors of the fabric, and changing only partially.  We also will discuss what to do in bad weather and how to care for the fabric after it is printed.

Each student will recieve several squares of fabric to play with as part of their class fee cost.