Monday, March 18, 2013

Cut Work Portraits book

I have all the pages done for the "how to" part of the book. 
I have all the pattens created and ready to insert into the book.
I have over half the pattern additionals are done.

With each pattern, I am trying to write some extra tip, add an extra little coordinating pattern, and suggest (& give) some quilting design.  I admit this is quite the little challenge I have set myself!

My goal is to get the book done in the next couple weeks, and off to the printer!  It is looking so pretty!

I wanted to make it all really big font, so it was easy to read.  But, there is so much info in there, that I had to reduce the font to kind of normal size.  If I had left it at a large size font, the book would have been quite pricey, or I would have needed to remove alot of info - neither seemed acceptable.

I think I may offer an E-book in a larger print size.  I have to check into the cost of the E-book.

If you would like to keep track of the book's publishing date, please become a follower.

Or, wait til next week, my blog specifically for Cut Work Portraits should be finished by then.  You can submit your email address for updates on that site.

Here it is:

The Cut Work Portraits blog header

You can see a few of the patterns, I will work hard in the next couple days to get this site completely updated, showing all the patterns, and mentioning the extras in the pattern section of the book.

Oh, this is exciting!