Thursday, January 5, 2012

update on book & free quilt pattern

Cut Work Portraits & Other Art Quilts book

I want to give you a little hint of what the book will be like. Here are the chapter titles and subtitles, click to enlarge the pics.

I have almost all the text for each of the chapters done, and am working now mainly on Patterns and Gallery chapters. I do have one chapter (or is it two?) that are not in the Table of Contents yet.

During Christmas break I realized that quilters may want to make a quilt, but they do not have a photo to use to create their pattern, and there is not a LITERAL way to get one!

For example: you want just a fun winter quilt, that will showcase some pretty snowflake material, and you want a pattern of 2 friends sledding down the hill. Now, you might say, “just stick some friends on a sled, and get out the camera!”

Well, that would be fine if you want people, but what if you are in a whimsical mood, and you want the friends to be polar bears!? Well, I would not suggest you try plopping some bears on a sled, and shoving hats and scarves on them! So, you need a way to create a photo, of subjects in situations that don’t really exist!

Or, what if you have a photo, but the subjects are not close together? How can you manipulate the photo to make it work? Well, that is why I am adding another chapter!

Also, I have finalized the permission slips for use of photos, sketches, patterns and quilts. I plan to send those out this coming week. I also will have the chapters to the testers so they can begin to create the patterns and quilts for the book.

I am still having some technical difficulties with the software, but am not too concerned about it yet since I am still writing. I have some ideas of who to call on for help if I cannot figure it out.

Hmm, I wonder how long it takes others to write their first book?

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This will also let you know when there are any free patterns added! Did you catch the first step of the Heart Strings? Check out the Free and Fun page.

Heart Strings – a free quilt pattern

The Heart Strings quilt is in the quilting stage. Having been set aside to make birthday and Christmas gifts (see the What's Is Happening page).

I wanted everyone to have a chance to make the quilt top in time for Valentine’s Day, so have posted the first step on the Free and Fun page.

I will writ e up all the instructions and post them once the quilt is all done.

I am really anxious to see the quilt done! It has been so much fun to do. I hope the Bride & Groom feel that it is worth the wait! If not, I will be happy to keep it. It will be hard to let go once I am done, I have put so much into it.