Friday, July 29, 2011

Challenge update

Well, Sunday is the deadline to send Leah the pics of the completed quilt – so, “how is it coming?” you might ask. Well……….

My machine keeps jamming up on me (don’t know why, other than the deadline – it is clean, I have torn it apart a million times, new needle, bobbin is in right direction, tension is good).

Also I started, then got interrupted by life a few dozen times.

Then decided yesterday to start all over as I didn’t think it was good enough.

I am so glad that I did! I am really loving it (except when I want to kick the machine – but the QUILT – I am loving that!). So, yesterday I worked on it for about three hours.

When I planned this quilt, I made a sketch of how the stitches would look in each area, and what colors I wanted. It really helped me “see” the quilt.  Click on the pic to get a good closeup of the "stitching".

Here is what I had done before leaving for work today. I will work on it for maybe half an hour tonight (two jobs today, also getting up 2 hours early tomorrow to do grocery shopping before work, so can’t stay up too late). Then, I will have Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon to finish up.

As quick as this has gone so far (especially considering that I have to keep stopping to un-jam the machine) – I don’t think I will have too much trouble getting it done in time.

Without further delay – here is “My Daughter” – well, at least the beginning (please ignore all the loose threads not yet cut).

I want to go back and restitch the outlines of each area, and make it a little more smooth looking.

The hair is "Swirling Flames".  I want to outline each individual flame better.  But, I figure I need to get the whole quilt done first!

Please pray for me, that I get it all done in time. I told Dan that even if I didn’t get the quilt done in time for the contest, this has really been good for me, to push me beyond my capabilities, and besides, it is really fun!  Thanks, Leah!

You can see the original photo in my blog titled "Leah Day's Transformation Quilt Challenge" below.  Oh, by the way, don't notice that the pic is mirror image of the quilt.  I decided I like the back of the quilt better.  ;-)