Friday, October 16, 2009

quilting area coming together, participating quilters increasing

I have not accomplished much lately, there have been ALOT of health issues in our family. I told you about Isa, who we learned has type 1 diabetes. Following that hospital stay was 2 emergencies with Mom, bad cold/flu for son-in-law and I, hubby came down with something, daughter and sister both had kidney stones, and I had a work injury.

But, all are doing better now, and my dear hubby is finishing up my storage cabinet/pressing table. This will slide under my cutting table. And so, soon I may have a space that will be functional to hold everything I need to work on the quilt! Yeah!

Besides the One Couch Quilt, I have several other quilts which will need done about the same time as the Staff Quilt Show that I am making the One Couch Quilt for - so I have my work cut out for me!

Our Staff Show is now up to 17 possible quilters joining us!